My Interest & Experience

about-me-weldingMy interest in Welding first began when I observed a neighbour of mine working on a Citroen CX, which immediately caught my attention and interest in Welding. He became a fantastic mentor, allowing me to observe and assist in future projects, fireing my interest so much I decided to follow a career in Welding.I spent several years in the heavy welding industry, learning the trade, including: Mig and Stick Welding. I then decided to gain a better understanding and experience in Tig Welding ie: Stainless Steel and Aluminium, which then led me to obtain my official City & Guilds Qualifications at College.

My vocation in Welding is ‘Classic Cars’. This is where my true love lies, restoring a vehicle back to pristine condition, is the best job satisfaction in the world.My skills are not only confined to Cars. I repair Commercial and Industrial gates, Vending Machine Frameworks, Cast Iron Beds, Boats, Foot Bridges. I’ve also had contracts with Mc Donalds and Cineworld, to name but a few!

Thanks, Jas