I have inherited an old car – where can I find out its value?

If the make and model of car is popular in the world of classic motoring, any old car magazine will have several pages of adverts containing a number of cars similar to your own. If that fails, then jump onto the internet and have a trawl around for websites dedicated to that particular motorcar, most have ‘Contact Us’ sections and usually the recipient of your enquiry will be only too keen to help out. Alternatively, try to attend a classic car meeting if there is one in your area – chances are if you own a fairly common classic (as in numerous) there will be other owners with whom you could discuss your inheritance.

Failing that, try listing it at auction, either in the traditional way via a specialist car auction, or on the internet with a company such as Ebay, although unless you set a minimum £ that you’d accept for the car (the Reserve), it may go for less than you imagine. For a rarer car, you may need to seek specialist advice from an auction house or reputable dealer in that type of car, but here too there is no better way to gauge a classics true value than compare your car with those on the market, so get a feel for what the market will stand. If you want any further advice, please feel free to email me via the email link on the homepage of old classic car.